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The Palumbo Group has a broad base of experience. The firm was established through the design of financial institutions & historic preservation and grew with local, state and federal government projects. Our firm has also worked in healthcare, industrial, commercial and educational design. No matter the project type, our main concern remains constant. We want to understand our clients and then express that understanding in the design and construction of the project. As architects, engineers and designers, we want to partner with our clients to achieve the particular goals of a project. Our track record of accuracy in estimating, project scheduling, and overall project quality is directly proportionate to our team’s ability to effectively coordinate the many facets of the design process.

Located in Scranton, PA since its inception in 1979, The Palumbo Group is an architectural , engineering and interior design firm with a wide range of project experience. The firm has served numerous repeat clients, in- cluding significant recent projects with TMG Health, Inc. Our firm has worked with a number of other repeat clients in the public and private sectors including Northeast Child Care Center, Bloomsburg University and since 1985, the Scranton School District. John Palumbo as firm principal will ensure that adequate personnel are assigned and that deadlines are met.

Our Process

The Palumbo Group’s design process is a coordinated and collaborative effort. It involves all the professional disciplines, client representatives and technical support staff necessary for successful projects. The goal of each design is to realize a functional and aesthetically pleasing building that satisfies the needs, schedule and budget of our clients. We strive to achieve our goal without sacrificing the desired character or quality of what is designed and constructed.

Ultimately, this effort will culminate in drawings and specifications upon which we must rely in order to bid and build the project. It will be within these construction documents that our track record of performance will con- tribute most tangibly to the quality and success of the project. Our responsibility and ultimate goal is to create a building that satisfies the intent of the client.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in increasing energy efficiency and using renewable resources in our work and within our own office. Some initiatives we have taken in support of this goal include in-house recycling, the use of energy efficient fixtures and the use of materials with recycled content. While having two LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, we also support additional members of our staff seeking accreditation, to better serve our clients and lead them towards environmentally responsible building.

The Palumbo Group

The Palumbo Group offers the following services:

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Architectural Design

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering


the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Interior Design

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Feasibility Studies

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Site Planning

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Telecommunications & Technology

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Asbestos Inspection & Abatement Design

the Palumbo Group | Architectural Design and Engineering

Master Planning

the Palumbo Group

Firm Qualification

Our professional staff members are licensed in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey & Maryland and are well experienced in corporate, state, and municipal projects. Our support staff is also thoroughly familiar with the laws, ordinances, regulations and documentation that would be necessary and incidental to the perform- ance of an Architect’s duties and responsibilities.

Over the years, The Palumbo Group has also completed projects for the Community Medical Center, which included the Original Ambulance Entrance, Renovations to the Nursing School, and design of the Executive Offices. Our design for the Center for Ambulatory Surgery, located on Adams Avenue in Scranton was the first freestanding ambulatory surgical center approved and constructed in Pennsylvania. This facility consisted of 5,000 square feet and included administrative areas, operating rooms and recovery rooms and related spaces such as examination rooms, toilet rooms and autoclave areas. The firm has also done renovations to various local doctors offices throughout the city. Please reference the attached project descriptions.

The Palumbo Group takes pride in its commitment to establish and maintain a strong relationship with our cli- ents throughout the pre-design, design, contracting, project management and construction administration phases of a project.


The Palumbo Group applies state of the art technologies throughout every project. In-house design systems include IBM/PC compatible hardware with full multi-media capabilities enabling the firm to establish an effec- tive dialog between client and architect with rapid analysis of alternative designs throughout the project. These systems significantly contribute to a more efficient and cost effective project. The firm utilizes the Mas- terspec specifications systems, as well as various types of architectural/engineering design and presentation software. Following industry standards, The Palumbo Group operates Revit Architecture 2013, and AutoDesk Architecture 2012 design and drafting software as well as third party applications in order to take full advan- tage of 3-D modeling, computer graphics, rendering, and construction document process.

Quality Assurance

Additionally, we have developed a systematic approach to quality control and quality assurance that in- volves independent inspection and review of all work before it leaves our office. Quality control reviews are performed through a cross-functional approach where one of our design teams reviews the work of another team, while the firm’s senior principal conducts a final review. Through this approach, we are able regulate the quality of work through all stages of a project and provide our clients with the confidence that their pro- ject is being executed to the level of quality they expect. Quality management acts as an integral part of our office’s everyday procedures and is a valuable process to ensure that we our meeting our clients goals.

The Palumbo Group

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